The Extreme Weather!!!

I've been thinking of few run-away places in Perlis as it is so freaking hot in hostel!!! It is like microwave already and we're like the chicken waiting to be roasted! Yo bloody hot...

For the past few days I've been running to library to get some free air-cond, but not online as dozens other students are flooding the place too, which leads to study booth full-house and utter slow wireless. ArGhhhh....

^High tea moment in one fine (and super hot) evening
Should have asked for ice blended green tea lah although that tea on the table is FOC

^Hanging out at hostel's 'front yard' before the sky is dark

Weird thing is, there's raining in Kangar but not Kuala Perlis!!!! Why?!?!?! I'm melting lah for your sake!!!

Random story time:

I watched this movie the other day and I cried!

Richard Gere is so darn sexy la~

Will elaborate more about this movie in my 'Movie I watched' post.


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