UniMAP news on Kosmo

One of the hottest topics in UniMAP now

Bloody hell.

What is going on to report such news during the UPU application period (and closed yesterday fyi)?

To downgrade the Uni? To reduce the number of intakes? For propaganda purpose? Politics perhaps? (btw, 'politics' I meant here is not like the initial B initial P kind of parties politics, it's a kind of publicity playing technique)

I'm not sure who's fault in this case, but I get furiously angry about the news loh!

Not to say that I am a superb 爱校 student who will defend UniMAP thoroughly, but, hey, you Kosmo people don't know the whole story, can you please don't cincai-ly make up one can boh? Main belasah je~ And stuck in the middle of nowhere without further explanation and watsoever, NOT EVEN A FULL STORY. Effing-ness overload!

You never think about the fate of the student-to-graduate one is it? You never think about the thought or feeling of the parents who send their children to the university one is it?

You think we saja-saja don't want to get accredited one is it??

*calm down girl... calm down*

I was not in angry mode yet when I first knew about this news, but when it comes to 'thinking about my future' part, this thing suddenly outrages me.

After all the efforts I've done ahem in these three years, and that I will finish my Degree on May finger crossed, you think your news will not affect my future is it?? What will the employers think about when they see my educational background in my CV? What will the staff in the Admission Department of Uni think when they see my educational background in my Master's application forms??

When you were writing the news with your mind saying 'UniMAP so low standard one', do you ever think of, even for a bloody hell half second, that this will cross the employers and admission staff and other people's mind too?

How does it feel if this is happening to your sister, your brother, your cousin, your own children, your girlfriend, you boyfriend?? You never think about this right!?!? Main redah je tulis benda camni...

OK I admit I was attacking those who is responsible behind the creation of this story, no matter who they are.

This blog tells a good story about the implication of this news. He is one of the Diploma lecturer too, so the credit of this story is definitely much stronger than my point.

Sometimes, it gets to my nerve too when I learned that some of the UniMAP-ians themselves are not being supportive and some even 落井下石.

For those UniMAPians who are reading, I know that some of you don't apply for this Uni, I know some of you never even heard of the name of the course that you are taking right now, I know some of you were randomly 'chosen' to be 'thrown' to this Uni.

Whatever your reason is, the one same reason that binds us all together is: We are all stuck here. You think I don't want to go to UM or KUITTHO (with new name:UTHM) with a long history of BME? You think I enjoy the life of traveling to-fro Kuala Perlis-Jejawi to attend classes etc? I was here because I had no other choice unless IPTS, and I understand that the money in my house is not actually printed by my parents, and the market right now demands for the bloody hell degree, and I am here because of the bloody hell Degree cert!! My sister with a better pointer than me, who deserves a place in public Uni, also had been rejected by UPU. What more should I ask for? What else can I do about it except loving here?
In fact, I really love here nah because of my course.

So, if you think by your ramblings and complaints and protests will actually help you from being in such a bad situation in UniMAP, do it to the right person. Let your voice being heard by the people who can really change things.

Anyway, Datuk VC said his doors always open for the students what...
but the counter is not. Bloody.

Sorry if I offended anyone. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said…
i am proud myself that i am unimapian. i was graduated with microe eng. yes ofkos the one that have the MQA things.

but hey, what others U that have all those equipments in cleanroom and all that?

and, industry wont look at the MQA things unless you want to work with gov.

but yet Kosmo is bloody idiot to post news like that..nway, gudluck in your career.
Lim Huey Nee said…
Thanks for your comment :)

Yes, that is one part that quite confusing: working with gov. However, my lecturers say there's a solution for that, so it won't be a big problem.

Sigh~ hope everything ends well...
moc o' malley said…
helo2...aku ni baru lagi dlm dunia blogging...review r blog aku...
blog aku ni byk cite psal review album..nk donload pon bole:P

Harmen Muda said…
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Anonymous said…
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