Tawau trip (18/2/2010 - 21/2/2010)

It's been a great trip! :)

Despite unable to spend the whole CNY week at my hometown, I'm glad I was there with my bestest besties for moral and physical support (bullying groom and hengdai part) in her wedding. :)

I took the night bus on 17th from Kota Bharu to KL, had a shower in KL Sentral, some refreshment McD breakfast, then headed to the airport by airport coach.

I was at the airport early, so I tried to look for a spot to waste my time while waiting for Shien's flight to arrive from Kota Bharu. Unfortunately, KLIA doesn't have Starbucks or Coffee Bean or something like that, so this was where I went.

^Burger King! The fries was nice btw :)

Boarded the plane at 2.30pm, yet the plane was delayed because Engine no.2 was broken!! That's what the captain said, according to Audrey, Jas's sister-in-law. Oh, btw, we boarded the same flight with Jas's brother and his family :)

^The awesome bird's-eye's view of Putrajaya

We arrived Tawau at about 5pm and went to Rui's house for dinner and the reunion with the bride. Befriended Michelle aka Mich, Jas's jimui during her college time and Yi Jin, the other jimui from Tawau. :)

^The beautiful fireworks

At that night, our task was to hang the red cloth on the door where the groom will come to take the bride. Some chinese tradition thing. The red cloth MUST only be hung by a married guy, which this duty was passed to Jas's brother, Leon to complete. Us the girls helped to mess things up and played with Jas's nephew: Jake and Riley.

^The sexy pose with Jake at the door! (The guy beside me is Jas's brother)

Woke up at the ungodly 5.30am the next morning for the bride's make-up session in our room. The makeup artist is Desmond and he did a very great job! :)

Jasmine looks gorgeous anyway, so some touch ups are enough to make her look superb!

^The makeup procedures started yet both the tenants of that room (Shien and I) were still in sleepy mode! *slap slap*

^The bride's gorgeous heels!

^ALL DONE! I squeezed Jas too tight lah! -_-

^鬼脸 version

^The bride with her jimui troop (Shien, me, Mich and Yi Jin)

The bride was 'placed' at the next room while the games were to be conducted at the other interconnecting room. Thus, they have to get through few doors before they can see the bride!! Heheheh....

^You think so easy meh?????
(And why did everyone know I wrote this the minute they saw it? From this picture summore? It's because of that's my handwriting or it's only me who will only do such thing? LOL)

I think we were among the super duper mild jimuiz troop as our games were not 'life-threatening' nor 'humiliating'!! Yet the boys played cheat too... Sienness. Cincai lah, all of us had our fun! :)

We planned 4 games for the boys to play:

^1. Nobody dance

^2. Singing, acappella version

^3. Contract writing and signing (with coffee kiss)

There's one game where one hengdai was asked to lay down and four 'modified' bananas were placed on him, and the other hengdai including the groom were asked to eat the banana! Too bad, that part was not recorded. And the part where the groom wrote the contract was also not recorded! -_- It was an exhausted mission to play with the super noisy hengdais!

After the HuHa and YiYas, the bride was finally in the groom's hand and we headed to the groom's house.

^The bride's family

^The groom's family

Then, the tea ceremony.

^The groom's parents

^The bride's mom, aka my dearest kaima :)

During the tea ceremony, Shien and I gave the same conclusion: whoever marrying us, they gonna suffer during this time of our wedding as both of us have a looong list of relatives and elderly to participate in this round. Gah~

Everything finished at about 3pm.

At the night, we had a dinner at one of Rui's sibling's restaurant and headed back to Rui's house as Jas arranged a birthday bash for Jake!

^Jake with his super awesome Ben10 cake

There's two other cakes on the table too: Tiramisu cheesecake and Lemon cheesecake.

^The cheesecakes

I tell you, seriously Ho Chiak!!!! Yup they shot my hiao aka contented ahem post of eating the cakes :p You want to know how does that hiao look look like? Belanja me Secret Recipe and I'll tell you emotionally! :)

I'm not sure how did all of us sustain the tiredness and exhaustion of all the hassle during the daytime events, but we went clubbing on that night!

^All of the girls have fun!!! And we did the Nobody dance ourselves! :D

^Playing with the light stick LOL

The next night was the wedding dinner held at a restaurant.

I would like to give a credit to Shien as she is my another great companion in a wedding dinner!

^My look was because I don't feel like 百年好合 with her loh (which means I gonna marry her and spend the rest of my life happily with her, which I don't want loh, that's why the look :p )

We was like talking in the typical Kelantanese Hokkien accent throughout the dinner, and even influenced the family sitting beside us to speak Hokkien too! Haha! And even Jasmine felt weird as we spoke. :p

^With Mich and the bride

^Doing the hiao thing with Mich :p

^With kaima dearest ;)

^The Peninsular Malaysia team LOL

^The jimui team

All the jimuiz and girls were given a flower hand band to tie on our hand, which gave me a lot of idea to play with (and ruining my own reputation wtf)

^My version of flowery head band

^Jake's version!!! He is so crazily cute!!!

The night ended well. We went back to the hotel and rest. Before we dozed off, we watched a movie together where the beginning was rather boring that led Shien to slumber land, while me hung on until the end of the movie only I fainted. Sigh~

The next day, we took the 5.50pm flight back to KL.

That's how my Tawau trip ended. :)

Oh yeah. Some extra NG feature: I had few friends telling me that I snored in my sleep, which was quite disturbing, so I kinda 'warned' Jasmine when she arranged me sharing the same hotel room with Shien.
On the first few nights, Shien was indeed waken up by my snore. Jialat. Luckily she could continue sleeping, or else I'd be killed.
The funny part was, on my last night, I was actually waken up by my own snore! Yep, I thought it was something, some noise from the toilet or outside, which was QUITE disturbing, so I woke up to see what's going on but I was too tired to get up, I just open my eyes. Eventually, the noise stopped. At that point, I had this huge 'Aaaaaaahhh', smiled and said:"Finally! I was disturbed by my own snore.' -_____________-"

That's all, folks! Thanks for reading :)


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