Unimap International Student Exchange Programme

Hi fellow UniMAPian,

I'm not sure lah how many of UniMAPians are following my blog, but there's this news I want to share with you. :)

The UniMAP International Student Exchange Programme is now opened!

Check out Portal for more details!

(actually, there's only application form and a German scholarship application form available in portal, so for more details, you are advised to contact the person-in-charge directly instead of asking your academic lecturers because they wouldn't know much about this anyway.)

Plus, this is only available for Second Year student, where this programme will be carried out during the Industrial Training period. (I think this is what it is, unless they change the 'policy' now.)

So, try your luck! Apply and go for a round of like-hell-punya interview and go travel!!

Check out my posts with the tag 'China' for more 'personal' information about being involved in this student exchange programme :) Seronok!!


Lim Huey Nee said…
Who are you? Why do you call me a cheater?
Anonymous said…
Just wondering, is this still available?
Anonymous said…
Just wondering, is this still available?
Anonymous said…
Pengarah ICT UniMAP "Tuan Haji" Nasrudin Bin Abd. Shukor dok makan rasuah dengan company Celestra Network Communication jaa...


Tiap2 tahun boleh jenjalan luar negara wooo...masyukkk

Cuba tengok carta organisasi ni.
Pengarah ICT yg jaga bhgn network.


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