Most Embarrasing Moments

I went to a food court near Kuala Perlis jetty for dinner with housemates.

I saw this guy having an utter huge ABC aka ang dao seng and totally drooled for it, I ordered one too. And, OMG it's really huge loh. orz

Everything went well during the ordering food and eating part, until during the end of the dinner, we were talking about 'laughing'. My housemate said she has a friend who laugh 'weird'ly, like 'ahak ahak ahak ahak'... We were all laughing endlessly after trying to 'laugh' like her friend. Then Adik said Mawi, the famous AF winner, has a funny laugh too. His laugh sounds like GOAT!!

You know what happen next?

I puked in public!


Sibeh Jang!!!

I wasn't drunk nah!!

This was what happen.

When Adik told us about Mawi thing, I ate a 1/3-spoonful of ABC with teeny weeny of ice and 1 jagung. Just right at the time she mimicked Mawi's laugh, I wanted to laugh and suddenly I choked on the ice and jagung!!! Just imagine how awful it feel when you choke on ice or salt... Very horrible.

Suddenly I felt the ice and jagung were blocking my throat and airway, and when the stuffs were gone and I start coughing, I couldn't stop coughing. -____- The cough continued until one moment that I knew I gonna throw up, within split second, I puked on my plate. -________-
It followed by a series of unstoppable coughing and another vomit.

Sibeh Jang loh!!!

I could see the people near our people were looking at me. Ah! Not looking, it was 'STARE'.

Paiseh gah bek si nuh!!

But I couldn't care much lah, all I thought of is to make my throat feel better. Sigh~ Luckily 'everything' was on the plate...

A compliment to the girls too lah. Not only they didn't feel humiliated of what happen, they made uber fun of me and helped me clean up. Thank goodness. Adik even gave me the bigger bowl for me to throw up. -_____-"

The moral of the story?

When you are with a bunch of beh-tahan-ness overload friends, in other word, friends who can crack out jokes out of crap, don't drink!!! Especially ice!! -_______-"

Ok lah I should get back to my FYP report writing. Arghhhh!!!!


Jasmine * said…
Yuuuu, JANG NUH!!!!!!!!
Huey Nee said…
yes. JINJIA JANG!!! -__________-"

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