March is almost over

^Can consider as the busiest month of this semester. Haih.

I'm in imbalance- & disoriented- & unstable mode recently.

Assignment, lab report, FYP report... Every single week!!

Too many things to do.

Too lazy to do!!! (now THIS is the main reason loh)

Thanks to the extreme weather (again), I've been going to library a lot lately. Maybe it's because I'm getting old, I get annoyed easily, I am grumpy every time I am here. Why?

Because some people are so darn ignorant and inconsiderate lah!

You are in the library lah my dear! Can you at least set your laptop into mute mode!!? I don't want to know someone is FB chatting with you, or some error on your file, or someone is skype-ing you, or watsoever lah! And, can you please talk with a much lighter tone or maybe you can please just shut the eff up because you are disturbing other people! I don't stop you from talking with your friends, but I am not interested to know about your conversation, so save your voice to yourselves!

Ok lah I admit I am not in totally quiet mode as well because of the laptop setup sound (connect power supply this and that), mouse clicking sound (yes, my mouse quite noisy one), keyboard bashing sound, but at least I control the motion to the slowest, and I set my laptop into Mute mode!!!

Haih, sound so much like what I've been through last semester in hostel, but this time, it is in a public place, LIBRARY for your effing sake! Speechless-ness overload.

*Calm down girl.... Calm down*

See, this prove how much I am unbalanced and disoriented. Haih... What a life lah~ But nevermind lah, almost over. Go Go Go!!

LimHueyNee, control your EQ lah!

Random story time:

1. I have another new housemate now.

^YES! This fella.

You might say:"BUT, it's just a teddy bear! How can it consider as a housemate?"

I prove it to you!

^Comfy hug from the new housemate

^Sit in samseng style

^'The Thinker' style

^YES! That fella is this big!

OK lah the legs make it as tall as I am though, and it is heavy!

So, a teddy bear as huge as I am, can I not consider it as a new housemate meh? @.@

Anyway, it has a name -- 'Bawang Putih'. And yes, it is a 'she', determined by the owner.

2. I was unbalanced by another important thing in my life - food.

Can you guess how much the food below cost??

^pic 1 - from local Chinese zap fan shop.

^pic 2 - from hostel's cafe

Believe it or not, the food in pic 2 cost me the bloody hell RM3.80, and pic 1 is RM3.50. OK lah just 30sen difference, but hell! pic 1 got 2 sotong and 1 huge hot dog, but pic 2 only has 2 pathetic curry chicken and potatoes! What? The curry chicken is RM1 per piece!? =_=

I think I've said things like cheap food in Perlis, but now I want to make a new statement. Yes, food is cheap, but limited to Chinese food only. Sorry, didn't mean to be 'racist', but it's true. Ask everyone here...

Another resolution of the year: Drink iced beverage only once a week :) So far I have successfully survive without ice for 4 days :) OK lah I admit, except yesterday, because it's pasar malam day =_=

3. Eventually, now my hostel is a petting zoo already. Why? Because there are Kambing, Badak, Cicak, Giraffe in the house. And not to missed out the Kudut, although I'm not sure whether it is categorized as animal or not lah...

And, yes, Cicak is me


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