Super Busy

Q: What is the MOST FAQ for final year student?

A: When do you need to submit your project report/draft?

Q: What is the MOST common answer?

A: Totally doomed!!

I've been over using my brain too the max this few days, squeezing every nano-inch of the brain cell to complete one sentence in the report, not to mention there are thousands and gazillions of sentences that I need to type out.

My fingers are all aching, due to too much keyboard bashing, especially my right middle finger. It is already 'growing' sideways, now it is more 歪 liao. Jialat-ness overload.

Have been sleeping at 3am to make sure the job is done, which is not really work.

Now, all I eyeing for is the arrival of end of the month, which overall-ly announce all the courseworks will be submitted, all the Test Two will over, and the smell of freedom is closer.

Gimme strength man!!


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