Famous Quotes of the Week

I hope my lecturers are still increasing my blog's traffic although I always kutuk them here. Haha. It's sarcastic lah!! :p

One fine morning, we were supposed to have presentation on this particular subject, when one coursemate unable to attend the class as her bus was late.

When we were all in the class, the lecturer suddenly had this grumpiest look and said:
"Kan saya dah cakap hari ini nak buat presentation, kalau boleh saya nak habiskan semua group dalam hari ini, kalaulah saya cakap pada hari isnin bolehlah dimaafkan lagi, ini tak... Saya dah pesan awal2 lagi. Kalau balik kampung baliklah sini pada Ahad ke, malam Isnin ke. Suka hati je SMS saya kata ada hal, tak dapat hadir. Hal ape?? Tunang ke? Kahwin ke? Tak boleh cakap je hal tu ape? Kalau macam kes xxx bolehlah sebab hal tu tak boleh dijangka kan? Ini tak.. Ada hal. Hal ape? Kalau saya tak balas SMS, kamu faham2 sendiri je la ye. Dulu, saya tak pernah pun SMS lecturer saya. Tanyalah Puan Adilah. Tak pernahlah SMS ni. Kamu jangan ambil kesempatan atas keterbukaan kami ye."

Translation:"I told you earlier I want to do the presentation today, if possible I want to finish all the groups (since we are only 14 ppl in the class and 7 groups). If I informed you on Monday, still forgivable lah. I informed you last week you know?! If you want to go back to hometown, make sure you come back here earlier lah. On Sunday or Monday night. You shiok-shiok SMS me to say you are not coming because you have something to do? What thing? Engagement? Getting married? What thing??? Can't you just tell me? If it's the case like XXX (one of the coursemates aka my kekasih gelap ahem), it's still acceptable because his mother was sick, we cannot predict anything like that to happen. Not like this one. Got something to do. What thing?? If I don't reply your SMS, you understand that yourselves. Last time, I never SMS my lecturers you know? Just ask Puan Adilah (one of our PLV). Not even once. Don't you take advantage on our liberality!"

I mean, she was like suddenly outraged and burst out like that without any warning you know! And yes, above our head were filled with thousands of big and small question marks until one big giant ! *ting* on the head followed by one big giant bulb *ting*

Yes, my that one coursemate went back hometown over the weekend, and her bus was late to arrive at Kuala Perlis, so she couldn't attend the class, and she said in the sms:"Sorry Cik, saya tak dapat datang, saya ada hal."

Walao mengamuk giler lecturer tu!! And I was the first group to present. orz Luckily everything went well.

So, right now, the famous quotes for us are:
1. Jangan ambil kesempatan atas keterbukaan saya. (and I always mis-say it as 'kebesaran' =_=)
2. Kalau saya tak balas SMS kamu, faham2 sendiri je la ye.
3. Ade hal? Hal ape? Tunang ke... Kawen ke...


OK lah it's just served as a joke. She knew her fault already Cik, jangan marah ye...

P/S: Cik, sometimes, not only SMS, communication between student and lecturer involve FB message liao loh... Don't be too surprise!!


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