CNY 2010

CNY is 'officially' over, yet I'm just getting started with the CNY post. Nonetheless SLOWPOKE Nee!!!

I had a busy CNY break, although it's a week long.

And, it's the first time in so many years that Chu Yi (The first day of CNY) fall on Sunday, which means we the University students practically have a week long of CNY holiday!! So don't have to susah payah squeeze your time to go this fella's house rush to that fella's house, you have so many days to spare!

I wasn't have enough time for the spring-cleaning thing, since I went back on Thursday night. (The cute part is, my fav lecturer asked me first before he arranged the time for mid term test, as I am the only chinese in his class, and he was concerned in case I went back early!)

I didn't contribute in the living room area, yet I was busy tidying up my own room. Too many rubbish you would say.

^One of my favourite corner in my room

^Another favourite corner in my room

^I still looking for book 1. Where are you!!!!!

As usual, during the festive season, you can't really 'run away' from firecrackers sound (although there are so-called strict law enforcement about that. LOL) So our poor house dog has to find some place to hide!

^She was confused as half of the family let her in but the other half asked her to go out.

My mom's most spoken quote to the dog was:"You hah you! Knowing someone in the house sayang you then mengada-ngada already!" :p

We had our reunion dinner on the CNY eve at the Royal Guest House, which I would certainly NOT reckon. The ambience was good, but the food suck to the max.

^The place

However, it was such a joy to have dinner with my Melor aunty's family. The kids made so much noise, but they were defeated by the family on our neighbouring table. Their karaoke session was ear-deafening! =.=

The joke of that night:"KALU wa wu jit bak ban!!"

^The pretty little angel yamseng-ed with us! :)

^Group photo after the dinner

Overall, the eat-out reunion dinner was not such a bad idea, is just that we need to find a better restaurant next time.

The celebration of the First Day was at my house, where we served steamboat, the most tiring job in the whole world. All of us swear that we will do the same thing again next year.

This year, our theme was ORANGE since it's the Year of Tiger. (Last year was yellow)

^We tried to do the Yay jump using the self-timer, but failed.

^The house was full house! With people in and out the house.

^My uncle who was eating roti canai with chopsticks.

This time around, we get the chance to reunite with some of the relatives and family members who we normally will only meet on this time of the year only. The reunion thing was good! :)

On the second day, we went to the local temple for some 拜拜 session.

Sorry no offense and I'm not racist, but I was seriously annoyed by the Malay who sat in front of the temple's MAIN DOOR while beg for $$$. And as you can see, some of them are not even like sitting at the gate but at the FRONT DOOR. Talking about scolding the non-muslim about allegedly using the term Allah huh!? Hallo! Can you just look at what your people are doing in Kelantan before you say something like that??

^The woman in purple baju kurung even asked angpao from my dad like directly! OMG

OK la it's still didn't spoil my CNY mood.

Usually, the third day onwards would be visiting friends' day. I met up with some of the old friends who I wajib visit and some long lost friends too.

^at Juan Hui (most left)'s open house.

The girl in the middle is Foo Qian Yi. The reason for me to specifically mention her is because it's my first time seeing her after about 8 years! Furthermore, the reason for me to specifically mention that is because she's not just any ordinary hi-bye nobody friend, but she is one of my close friends during secondary school! Puas hati can lepas rindu on her! Haha!

^At Pheng's house

Went to Min Shin's open house the next day, and tried my gambling luck there. OK la the luck was not bad, win some teeny weeny money.

Next post would be about the trip to Tawau. :)


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