What a day

I had a bad plus teenie tiny good day yesterday.

After having few nights of bad sleep, finally I was able to have an early and nice sleep. However, everything was totally ruined at 2am.

Some people can be so powderfully stupid one lah.... I don't mind you stay up late to study or watsoever lah, but YOU DON'T WAKE PEOPLE UP AT 2 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING WITH THE VOLUME OF YOU TALKING AND LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and the worst part is, I SPENT TWO HOURS ON BED WITH EYE SORE AND HEADACHE AS I COULDN'T CONTINUE SLEEPING!!!!!! And I have class on 8-9, 11-1, and I planned to try my FYP on the evening. Plus, it's not the first time already.

Haih... People.... How come they can be so stupid and idiot sometimes...

If this doesn't sound worse enough, we just found out one of the housemates dare to do something so terrible just to get some money. How on earth would she be thinking of doing this kind of things?

Haih.... People....

Thanks to the lecturers and Abang Razif for putting some rainbow on the gray sky. Most of my lecturers and the BME staffs are uber cute, regarless they are married or single.

We played badminton in the lab! Haha! That is totally awesome, make us the players like goldfishes in the transparent aquarium when people passed by the lab. It even attracted En Megat's attention! Haha! So, people, if you see me doing something in the Biomechanic Lab, just come in! We can have some badminton games! =P

Late that evening, I met En Shahril to explain my project's progress. We had an awesome chatting session. He is such a chatter box! I peep-ed an ultrasound image at the wall behind him. Expecting a baby huh? Congratulation!

After a day full of anger, sweat, curious and laughter, I went through another day of my life.


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