Activities and stuffs

The main purpose of going to KL next week is for the NSF interview, but the rest of the time has been filled with activities and stuff! :)

Healthy activities though, like few badminton sessions, waterfall trekking and picnic in Kampar with the waterfall survivors warrior (FINALLY!), and rock climbing experience organized by the same group but I think conduct by different people.

Hehe I am so bloody excited! I've missed badminton for about a year, and my hands and rackets itch like hell; I'm a big big BIG fan of waterfall, Chin gohgoh introduced me the waterfall savior group months ago, and I always anxiously looking at their activities in my FB's Events tab but I couldn't join as I'm at the Far Far Away Kingdom; and rock climbing is something I wanted to try long long time ago, and to prepare myself for the KK trip next April.

AH I just can't wait! :))


Extra Pictah Time:

1. Well I think I'm gonna wear like this (see below) for my scholarship interview? How do you think?
^I really do grow horizontally already right?? :(

No matter how hard I try, diet, exercise and other shit, the oily meat on my belly just wouldn't want to leave me! :(

OK back to the story. Pathetically, there's only handful of formal-attire outfit I can choose from inside my wardrobe. I wanted to buy a new blouse which I saw last last week at Arau, but by the time I went back yesterday, there's none in the shop, and any other shop. :(

Is the scarf ok? Wanted to add something to enhance the plainness of the blouse, but I don't have any idea for that. And maybe a dull ponytail or a bun (if I rajin enough to go to Arau to get the RM3.50 hairbun maker) for my hair.

Baju kurung might be a better option for the outfit, but I don't have any now...

Anyway, *finger crossed* for everything!

2. The other day, when I went out of the house to cluster, I saw this mystery haze around the housing area.

When I went back to close the gate, something's missing!

^wonder what's gone in this picture?

I couldn't recall as well although this is the scene I see every day. I felt odd, so this picture was snapped. Anyway, it was a heavy-haze morning in Kangar that day.

The next day, I knew what's gone.


The whole hill was covered by the haze, as if there's no hill at all!!


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