Outdoor Activities Are FUN!!

Have been going out for outdoor sports and fun for 2 days. I didn't count the Salu and Batu Berangkai waterfalls trip as an outdoor activity though because it's more like a hiking challenge for my car, not me. For me, it's a 'MAKAN' trip :)

Tabur West hike was great! It's been forever since I last had such challenging outdoor fun. The wake-up-at-4.40am part was quite suffering, the ascending and descending part lagi suffer, but the scenery and knowing new friends pay it all. Friend thought I spent the rest of the evening sleeping, we went to sing K instead. Haha!

Rock climbing at Bukit Takun today was great too! It's something I done for the first time in my life, and the experience is priceless! There's 2 of us in the group: me and Hafiz from Negeri Sembilan (who works in JB), and Chadel as our instructor. I ended up with painful thigh, sore shoulder and arms, 2 leeches bite marks, and bruises and cuts all over my legs and some on my elbow.

Just in case you wonder (and, for some people, to feel weird), no lah this is not the whole story. It's just so not me! Te stories about the trips and stuffs will be up next once I get my hand on the pictures, and I'll start story telling from there. ;)

Now, I am just want to lay down and being a lazy worm, but typing while laying down is a challenge too, so there's too much backspace-ing and retype, so please allow me to go rest first lah~

Before I go, come I share something first...

^Bloody and super smelly socks!! Yiiiiiii......


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