Seminar and stuffs

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The seminar yesterday was a success ?! For me at least...

It's a good place to know exactly what other postgraduates are doing - their title, the objectives, what they have done etc etc. A good guidance for me the newbie.

The panels in my group, Prof Naga and Dr Khatijah, are good, gentle and mild. I was so relieved and happy after my presentation because the only comment during the Q&A session was 'You should refer your Prof's papers!'

My bad, I left out all his papers in my reference, both slide presentation and abstract.

No such luck for the other group though. When I saw the name 'Dr. Haftirman' and 'Dr. Merdang' on the panel list of that group, I gave an evil grin to my fellow postgraduate friends who were under that session.

I was so damn right. All of them in that session was badly injured by the harsh and ridiculous attacks from the 'lovely couple'. Surprisingly, Dr. H remembers me as my FYP panel! He's kind and friendly in normal days, just don't make him my panel of whatsoever events in the future. I'm begging you please...

The seminar ended late, and we all were so exhausted and boring, mostly because the audience was us only, it turned out that we actually presented to our own postgraduatemates at the end of the day. Duh~


Aunty Hong wasn't home this few days, hence there goes my biological clock.

With Astro and TV freedom, I no longer watch the series in my laptop, and all those entertainment news, variety shows, movies etc on Astro keep me up until 12am instead of 11 on the normal days.

Sleep late = wake up late. So I am 1/2 hour late to the cluster, etc etc etc.

I didn't expect she would 'disappear' for so many days as the only thing she told me was to stay overnight at her mum's place on Monday night. I bet her daughter's labor was earlier than expected, and she is at Singapore already.

Whatever, the freedom is mine! HaHaHa!


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