Be Brave, Be Focus, Be Strong

Last night, I watched a movie 'Taken in Broad Daylight' on Hallmark Channel. It is based on a true event about a teenage girl, Anne Sluti, who was kidnapped by a criminal, Tony Zappa, at the mall in Kearney, Nebraska; and how she managed to stay alive throughout the 6 days of hell.

I have no much comment about the movie, and the incident itself was quite traumatic.

She was brave and smart to leave all the traces and clues to her family, the police etc about how she was doing, where were they etc; so smart that even the FBI agent astonished saying:"She is able to do this even in the situation like this?" That's a round of applause I like to give to Anne. And she obtained Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering dude!! We're in the same world...

Anyway, there is one thing, one very serious mistake Anne made in the very beginning right before the abduction took place: She was walking while listening to CD AND looking at the lyrics; instead of looking for her car keys and immediately hopped into her car and locked her doors.

That's something quite understandable though, that Kearney most probably is a quiet, peaceful town without alarming criminal rate, and she would never expect things like this would happen as the title says it all, it happened in a broad daylight, with plenty of cars at the parking lot, and a lot of people around.

However, in my case, ever since the robbery incident few years back, I was very alert with my surrounding or whenever I'm alone, even in this peaceful and tranquil Perlis. Ok maybe not that alarmed

BUT, there's one thing for sure, whenever I'm going to get my car, be it morning or night, car keys are grabbed 100 meters before reaching the car. And, one more thing I've learned, whenever you are grabbed or held or whatsoever by whoever, kick their 'down side'. I think it works for a female abductor too as it will hurt too. Right?

So, girls, be brave and be strong. Never lost your hope and mind. :)

P/S: James Van Der Beek's version of Tony Zappa is much much much more good looking than the real Tony Zappa lah~


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