Nuffnang adverts

It's the first time I talk about Nuffnang's adverts on my blog, but I find it quite interesting (to me) that I want to share.

1. Tupperware BYOisECO

Nowadays, everyone is talking about eco-friendly, 环保, save the earth etc.

I contribute some too in saving the earth by reducing my carbon footprint - cycling to get lunch at town instead of driving on weekends, walking to get lunch at opposite of my research cluster instead of driving or riding motorbike. Well, everything about me is food. Duh~

I must admit, I'm not a extremist in this, but it annoyed me when I see the pollution caused by human being on the mother nature like what I saw in Langkawi. It breaks my heart apart.

My friend introduced me an awesome group in Facebook about waterfall trekking and environment cleaning activities which I yet to join due to the wrong timing and I am so far away!!

#Back to the topic#

Yesterday, my friend offered me her home-made lunch as her stomach was aching and she didn't want to eat. When she handed over her tupperware of food, I suddenly realise that, 'gosh, I'm still not loving my planet more yet.' I contribute rubbish when I go out tapao despite all the effots!

Eating alone is not a big problem for me, but sometimes, I prefer 'laptop food' (a term used in my family when we ate our dinner or lunch in front of TV, in my case, it is laptop). So tapau is a better option.

I love it when the hawkers tapau my food using plastic sheet and newspaper, because it can pack more rice and meat or whatever I buying in a packet instead of polystyrene. Moreover, no matter how much I squeeze it, polystyrene still eats up space in the rubbish bin but it's only the size of a fist with newspaper. Yet, all of them are rubbish which will finally end up in landfill as it take hundreds and thousands of years to degrade (I mean the plastic sheet).

Hence, Tupperware comes along with its new and likable BYO TaPau Set. The idea of Noodle Holder in the set is great too. The pictures make it look durable and nice, but I can't find any yet in Perlis, thanks to the limited choice of supermarkets here.

Have you give your effort in saving the earth?

2. Nestle's Wellness Centre

For months, I was confused and frustrated of my weight, and have been undergoing a series of subsiding-weight program.

I reduce my rice intake, less meat, more and more vegetables, replacing my regular fried rice dinner with Nestum and fruits. It was initially to be Nestle Fitnesse that I am eagerly to try (and their 14 days program to stay fit), but again, thanks to the limited choice of supermarkets in Perlis, I can't find a single box here!! OMG...

I'm not sure how am I doing now as I don't have any weight scale around, but I hope it doing good. I still hate my tummy though, the belly doesn't seem to shrink and it is so obvious on my clothes. So not cool :(

Few weeks ago, I took the Nestle's Wellness Profiler test, and I turned out to be 'The Advocate'! I'm a healthy super-fit little bull yo~~ :))

Although I hate my little fatty belly, I'm still thankful to be healthy and stay healthy.

What about you??

...and YES,
although it will not be much,
the second purpose of this entry is
to increase my BE too :p


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