The Good Wife

....aka the lawyers' world.

Watching 'The Good Wife' can exciting sometimes, and confusing most of the times, of all those law jargons and stuff.

It makes me understand there's no play-play in the lawyers' world Of course, which one doesn't? Duh~

For me, being a lawyer not only you need to have a mouth to talk one's head off, the most important asset is the brain with super fast processor and RAM, to poke holes in any place they can find, to stand up for the client etc... It also makes me feel glad that I didn't choose law in the first place. In fact, everyone said you must be distinctive in History if you want to become a lawyer, and my History sucks to the max.

So far, season 1 episode 18 'Doubt' is the most dramatic for me. The scenes of the episode alternate between the jury's discussion, court room, investigation etc. By the end of the day, both the prosecution and defense agreed to a plea bargain in the very last minute, that the defendant agreed to a charge of second degree murder, 10 years; which is a bargain made at the same time the jury voted her not guilty, meaning, she's going to jail although a band of jury stand on her side. OMG...

It seems to me that truth doesn't actually mean anything as they runs around the evidence, the laws, the words, overruled here, sustained there... Even if you are innocent, you still have to make the jury agrees that you are innocent and to fight against the prosecutor etc etc. Too complicated if you ask me.

Watching the show is fun, and speechless in the same time. Hmm.

Well, I think I better get my butt of the chair now, apply the mask, watch some TV while doing the routine exercise, and bunk into my bed. I have to go to Pauh which is about 30km away before 8am tomorrow!! Screw the seminar :(

Some part inside my brain has a whole lot of ideas, spurring the frequent blog posts. Or maybe I want more post to close the year's account. Hehe~


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