Drama/Movie I Watched

1. Angle's Temptation 天使的诱惑

Out of so many drama series that I would usually back it up after finish watching them, be it to waste up my HDD memory or to watch second time, this is the one particular drama which I deleted immediately after the end of the final episode.

The them of this drama is revenge. There are a huge ass of revenge plots all over the drama and the ending is not a happy one too. People die (not because of natural death!!), couple break apart, etc etc etc.

My first passion towards the drama is 裴秀斌, the main actor who plays the role Ahn Jae Song aka the plastic-surgery version of Eun Woo. He is so adorable in 'Brilliant Legacy', but in this drama, they drew his eyeliners too dark, making him look evil and not cute :(

Overall, I would call it 害人大全, because the plots of taking revenge are cool and cruel!


2. Bread, Love and Dreams 面包王金桌球

I love Kim Tak Gu!! The Mandarin version of his name is a pun (I think) for the word table tennis or ping pong in mandarin (or, in this case, Korea). Thus he always explain the meaning his name to the other person.

It's the first time I watch 柳真 Yoo Jin plays a bad girl role. Well, she is not bad at first, but she is forced to be bad. Felt so puas when she yelled to the face of Ma Jun's mother that they forced her in becoming a hatred and gruesome woman. Haha screw you suckers!!

On the other hand, I call this one 偷听大全. Why? In each episode (almost), there's some top-secret stuff discussed among two person, and someone eavesdropped or overheard from behind the door, the window, the wall, the stairs, the table, and whatsoever stuff which human can hide and unseen, followed by dilated pupil, shocked 'O' shape mouth, covering the 'O' shape mouth, and walk away silently.

Overall, it's nice and great casting. Yet, 30 episodes IS a little too long.


3. Mei-chan no Shitsuji

After the moody and sad ending of Angle's Temptation, I wanted to cheer myself up, so this drama came into the list.

It's been awhile since I watch a less-than-10-episodes drama, so 10 episodes is a little too short and fast for me. The drama was done watching within a day. Duh~

Mei chan is a girl who is granddaughter of a super rich family which her parents kept a secret from her. When her parents died in an accident, she was sent into a super high class boarding school to study, along wit a super handsome butler.

The drama is funny, very funny. I laughed my ass out in some of the scenes, and there's some touching part, romantic part etc etc.

Cute girls, smart guys, nice.


4. Despicable Me

Hahaha finally! Love it love it love it!

I love Gru's accent, the minions' language, and Gru-and-the-girls bonding!! It's just too cute!


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