Some Update of My Dull Life

It is the one-month anniversary of the super great flood, and the second wave has yet to come. Some said on Raya Haji lah, some said on end of Nov lah, some said around this time lah. Sigh~

I hope it can come again though because I want to play water!! Haha! And I have learned my lesson -- just throw everything on my bed will be good. That's the advice from my landlady too.

Lately, the relationship between my landlady and me is getting better, but I don't know why, nowadays I have a sin of watching her Astro while she's not in, and when she comes back, I freaked out and quickly escape into my room like somebody doing something inappropriate. 做贼心虚. I never feel so though before the flood. Don't know why...

The aunty neighbor never call me or come to chat with me again ever since the flood incidents, although we still greet each other when we meet.

Honestly, I am glad. *evil smile* Do you know she would call me in the weekend to chat for a whole hour although we are just 2 houses away? And I have to pause whatever I'm watching or doing for this!! Annoying... Mom said it's ok to not kepo with her anymore, but just to hi-bye, so I do what she says. Hehe!

November is a quiet month in my research cluster, not to mention I was absent for 2 weeks because of the flood. Prof is coming back soon from Mekkah, yet my work is not done yet.

It was quite frustrating in the beginning when I was drowning in the middle of the programming libraries, platforms etc, that made me almost give up. Recently installed OpenCV and Visual C++ 2010 Express, trying out the tutorial on the web successfully. Although it's slow, and there is no actual output from my project, and I'm still learning the language and the library and the C++ world etc, I'm feeling positive. :) Wish me luck~

Dad came over few days ago to hand over the P1W1MAX mobile modem (And mom didn't even know where dad is!? Told you my dad is cute) So far, it works good in my house. Hope it stays the same or better.


Anonymous said…
tino said…
good luck on c++
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