I am super sleepy now but I need to wait for my hair to dry because it's not good to sleep with wet/damp hair (or so I heard) and I don't have hair dryer here at SS2 house.

Sweating is fun! Especially when I sweats from sports. It makes me 很有成就感 although the odor is not pleasant at all.

It's been awhile since I last touched my badminton racket. Blame me for being not 'open' enough to randomly join any badminton group in Perlis or Kangar.

The session was suggested by an old buddy friend. Asked the UniMAP buddies to join along, met another 'older' friend at court, Devince aka Ricky who I knew in LYN.

The badminton session was at a new place (for me at least), Sunway South Quay. Nice ambience, but the building structure was not to my liking, can feel the wind circling around the courts.

When I saw the crowd, I immediately told myself:"Gosh, I am so totally out of this Klang-Valley badminton world."

People who knew me through badminton, especially those when I was working in PJ, knew that I was quite an enthusiastic player, be it to join a session, to form a group, this and that. I used to LOVE hanging out in the LYN badminton forum, as we more or less knew every single person in the thread. It's happy to find a group of people who is really into the same hobby.

Now, I am so out-of-there. I felt like I am a stranger in this familiar city. It's no longer my 地头, a little 遗憾 to say as well.

As usual, with the OBF around, 'kap zai' is something we wouldn't miss. Of course, he's not gay. I kap, he helped me kap, he pushed me to be 主动. Something like that. It's fun to do when I was a little younger, but now, I felt like an old lady desperately selling myself off! Must be the dreams and all the FB status... Gah~

Waterfall trip, Tabur West hike and rock climbing up next (after the mission completed lah~)


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