20% Gift + 80% Hardwork

After several lazing days, today I've finally done something useful.

Today, I finally started to get working on my Final Year Project, FYP in short. After weeks without doing something solid and practical about my FYP, I feel guilty and flustered as I'm seeing Hird and Adik hustle here and there for their FYP and I did nothing until now.

Oh yes, I never talk about my FYP title yet hor?

The title is:
Analysis of Arm Movement during Badminton Smash
(parameter/title is subjected to change due to situation)

Sounds like easy and piece of cake?


I spent almost half of the morning, break about an hour for lunch, continued almost half of the evening just to settle the setup facilities and stuffs. Argh!

We use a kind of software purposely for analyzing biomechanics analysis, like gait analysis (walking in normal term), motion analysis etc. We actually used it before during our 2nd Year 2nd Sem in Biomechanic lab, but it's about 1 and half year ago, and now they have 5 cameras already instead of the pathetic 2 cameras last time (Ye lah... first batch like that liao lo... So UNFAIR!). Anyway, it works (for the mean time). I hope it goes along.

There's problem about the 5 cameras too. My other coursemates are doing gait analysis, which involve only the lower extremities (waist and below). While in my case, I need to study movement from shoulder to racket head, and eventually, I'm the first person to do such thing. Adjusting and calibrating the whole system is killing me! However, I'm so glad when this appear later that evening...

The overall setup
(ignore the chairs please)

When I got frustrated and hungry during lunch hour, me, Hird and Encik Zul had our lunch together, and we chatted a lot about doing Master thingy.

In that short one hour time, Encik Zul managed to 'brain wash' me by convincing me to further study after degree.

It's all because of his phrase: "20% Gift + 80% Hardwork"

I was confused as he 101% encouraged me to do Master (same comes from YB), so I ask him why. He said that I have this special 20% Gift that I can have less 10% of Hardwork than any other people to achieve my 100%. =) It is such a strong and convincing saying to come from a lecturer, summore our papa. =)

At that late evening, after I eventually have a rough but clear idea of how my setup would be, we had some chatting session with YB about the same topic, doing Master. Tell you, we have never had this kind of talking thing with him before, and he is as selamba as we can't even imagine! Hehe. Oh btw, he is my co-supervisor for my FYP while Encik Shahril is my supervisor. It's a great pleasure to have both awesome lecturers to guide me. =)

The end of today. Happy and contented.

Oh. Did I tell you that most of my lecturers are almost same age as my Er Jie? Seriously... Some even younger. Some older by 1-2 years. =.=


lucky to get such motivated quotes from ur papa =)

i wonder,how many percents my gift are?
i'm calculating..hurm...it might be around 2% only. so, have to work hard!
*Nee* said…
Don't say such thing... Everyone has their special thing in them, maybe you don't find it yet, neither did I! :) Move on and keep up your good work!

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