Home Sweet Home

It's so GOOD to be HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mid term break 'unofficially' start today, announced by me and many more who go back to their hometown. Haha!

Luckily I chose to come back on Thursday night, or else someone will be so dead as the tutorial is cancelled.

At 4.30am, when I was waiting my mum to fetch me at tm-point, I found something weird around the place.

In my mind:"WOW! Never wonder KB can improve so fast in such short moment!"

But, NO..... Terribly NO...

This is the new direction of roads around KB town. As you can see at the arrows, MOST of the arrows showing one way, means there loads and loads of roads inside KB town will be one way.


Suck to max.

I really salute KB town planners lah. It's good lah you open up all the useful roads now, but why the heck you make it all ONE WAY!?

Anyway, to make me less confusing, I'm gonna explore the roads tomorrow! By motor of course.


tino said…
li pa hijik kong gao wa pun bengong...kua liao peta ko ka bengong

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