...has come to its end.

I haven't really do anything good. Sigh.

Tutorial, one FYP chapter of literature review, studies for exams, re-study the results of my FYP trial sessions, none has at least half way done. Sigh.

I wanna cry.

No lah... I'm not that emo.

All I know is how am I going to die after I go back to Uni tonight. Sigh.

Isn't this creature adorable or what!?


Last night these 3 tiny creatures came to my house.

The older brothers were conquering my laptop playing Insaniquarium, while the girl being emo and we were able to grab her attention with duku.


half dead -_-" said…
Go,go! Lim!! hehee...

me too... keep thinking if things keep going on like this, by the end of this weekend, i'll be half dead.

Half because my body still wanna celebrate raya, but no energy anymore...



be strong girl! drinklah watever to keep ur body and soul strong!!..

see ya in class later later...

today got lab AI, huh... *sigh*
*Nee* said…
Cannot go leh... How how?? +.+

It has nothing to do with food or drink, it is the 'soul' thing, which means it's really hard to settle. Haihhhhh!!

U too!!! let's us sama2 be strong! Yay
tino said…
eh...ama dua lang chu meh?

yen xin a ka ane teng liao koh
*Nee* said…
Yes... ama lok lai poh dua gui jit... patu maybe ki melor gui jit

ee dua han liao! eh hiao kia loh liao. hi leh si ee di jiak duku. *cuteness*!!!
tino said…
hah...a hiao gia lo liao goh... ~.~

tia pa kong li ai tak master? good 1

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