Duku Picking Day

Being raised as a jungle girl aka budok kapong, and with grandparents who own orchards full of fruit trees, fruit seasons would be the most exciting and thrilling thing for us (at least when we were young loh, when we could play and fool around; but now we need to do the REAL thing. Sigh... Grown up is quite suxx).

Anyway, until now, I still can't really tell when will the durians start dropping, when will we start climbing the duku trees, when we can hook on the branches of rambutans and mangosteen trees with galoh to pick the fruits etc... Failed huh?

Whatsoever lah, the duku starts to grow now, so there we go hunting for dukus!!!! Haha!

Duku is a type of tropical fruit with soft yellow skin which you can easily peel and the flesh is juicy and sweet! Of course sometimes you would find some super sour or bitter ones.
For my friends who still wanna argue with me about this is a langsat instead of duku, kindly have your debate with my 80-year-old grandma please. I was told this is duku since I was 4. Or maybe you need to taste a bite of my grandma's duku first?

Just look at the tree trunks! Full of dukus!!!


The mighty Da Jie

The mighty mum

You get perfect score if you are able to 'hook' down a cluster down without dropping any of the fruits attached.

Or else...

Nah~ Like this tak laku one when you wanna sell...

As the tree is quite tall and we can't really hook much of them down with galoh, we called in the ever al-mighty Pokcik Mamak.

The even al-mighty Pokcik Mamak

...While Yang Berhormat grandma supervised

Pokcik Mamak is the village's 'honorable' orchard keeper. He is the one who people will look for when the fruiting season comes. He is the one who people will ask for to fertilize the orchards. He is the one people will find for to collect the rubbers from pokok getah (Shiat suddenly I forgot what's the term already).

I still remember when we were young and small, he always love to lepak at my grandma's house. The dogs would bark when he and his bicycle approaches the house, he would park his bicycle aside, then I would have to go down to prevent the dogs from attacking him, he would sit at the stairs while my grandma would make him a black coffee and he would chit chat with my grandma and granpma.

I was so shy last time that I not even dare to look at him because he would ask me questions in his thick Kelantanese accent that I don't really understand and I don't know how to answer. =.=

Back to the story

While Pokcik Mamak was doing his job, I went to 'hunt down' the shorter trees.

... which I can just cut the clusters down with just scissors, without stool and galoh.

When we were small kids, dad would pull us up the trees to get the feeling of being a real jungle girls if the trunks are strong enough. Haha I miss those time...

However, as attempting as the fruits are, you have to beware of this creatures...

close up failed

The huge giant red ants!

Once bitten, you will get a big red swollen wound for approx 3 days.

The different sizes

The smaller the more attempting for me v(^.^)v

One last tree to hunt for next week

Random pictah time:

1. These days, you can see these temporary police booths all over KayBee town.

It makes me speechless at first then overwhelm at second. Haha. Just make sure it is really for good deeds loh... Now I can't to do illegal turnings at some junctions ady =.=

2. Laaaaaaaaast weekend 3 of us (me, Hird and Adik) went to Alor Setar to get a nice lunch at McD and probably catching a movie. We had the McD, but not movie. Instead, we doing something 'beneficial' lah...

They have this government departments booths setting up at Pacific, so we visited few booths to get free goodies bags and some enquiry such as EPF, JPA and LHDN.

And, of course lah, if went lepak with those girls, how can cam-whoring session miss out?

....and I was driving =.=

Chio? Not?

3. Our house has new intruders.

I hate cats.

4. I think most of you listened and sang this song before. But did you know this song actually has 4 parts???





If not because of 百万大歌星,I wouldn't know.


tino said…
my grandma use tongkat nowadays. last time she walk faster than i run.

只要我長大,只要我長大 -> 你就会想唱S.H.E 不想长大

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