My Confession

I have a confession to make. Some facts about me and myself.

1. I am totally screwed in Artificial Intelligent Mid-Term. Argh!!!

2. I have weird sleeping habit. The most sensitive moments in one day are when I'm sleeping, and within the 10 minutes after I wake up. Maybe I'm getting older already, I can be easily waken up sometimes, with voices and stuffs. I won't tolerate with anyone, even my parents and grandparents by disturbing me in this moment with no good reason.

3. When I have a bad headache, or a bad night sleep, or not enough sleep, or all of the mentioned, I would have this nasty and grumpy tantrums that sometimes I feel annoyed and irritated myself too. Again, in this kind of condition, I won't tolerate anyone, including my parents, grandparents, lecturers, coursemates and housemates. Did you ever throw a tantrums to your lecturers? Well, I do. Luckily it didn't end up bad. Haha.

4. I love to pretend I am busy, or sometimes, it just happen so naturally that I don't even need to pretend. Most of the times I will be seen super busy, with my serious expression looking at the laptop/computer, reading and writing stuffs, etc etc, or sometimes turning friends down saying I have other plans. You just have to look a little closer. I might be just solving sudoku or thinking how to upgrade my levels in Restaurant City/Pet Society/Farm Town when I am staring at my laptop. I might be just jotting down a youtube url so that I can watch it when I can. I might have absolutely nothing to do in the weekends despite some simple home chores but I'm just too lazy to go out so I turn you down.

5. I love to be alone, although I might not seem like one. I have a lot of things to do when I'm alone! I can do the bundles of cross-stitches that I bought from China, I can watch the movies and series that have been stacking up in my laptop's hard disk, I can find myself dozens of youtubes to watch, I can even spend the whole evening listening songs while solving sudoku.

6. I am quite an anti-social people. I'm not really into the sms and call thing nowadays (except for some special reasons). My phone bills have significantly decreased from RM200+++ few years back to less than RM80 per month now. Signing in MSN, Skype and stuffs like that is not a regular routine when I switch on the laptop. Once in a while I would suddenly MIA.

7. I love calculations and derivations, but not memorizing the theories and stuffs. I love the process of finding the answer. I would rather spend whole day proving the derivation of 2-pole Sallen-Key filters and/or finding the perturbation equation and/or calculating the HVT for ultrasound beams and/or playing with integral centroid defuzzification method, than to spend 10 minutes in memorizing the relationship between single motor unit and volume conductor field AND the mechanism of HIV virus to CD4 cell AND defining Bremsstrahlung AND explaining the structure of rule-based expert systems. Although sometimes the derivation process upsets me, I still love it very much.

8. I love to show off.

9. I dislike people who pouting too much, except for close friends and family. If you think you are acting cute manja-ing like a cat, scratch your body against the door, the gate, the wall etc, don't do that on me.

10. 我相信报应,可是我不相信缘分. If you tell me to 随缘, I'll tell you to F*** off.

11. I am a quick-tempered and impatient person. Explaining the derivation steps is a bliss if the person who asks me know what is he/she doing, but it turns to disaster when they want me to start from scratch.

12. I am not smart. I just happen to know and understand things a little faster, and I manage to solve the equation proving thing a little quicker only. That's all.

13. I am a messy person. I would throw my clothes, bags, books, files, keys, purse, handphone, and some other stuffs that you can name it on my bed, making no space at all for other people to sit except me. Once in a blue moon you will find me rearranging my stuffs, especially stuffs to stuck in my study table. Once in a while Hird will come into my room, sitting down, chatting and folding my clothes at the same time. Of course, I will fold my clothes most of the time! I will keep everything out of my bed before I sleep.

14. I can sometimes be a very impatient driver. Cursing and nagging is common thing lah, anyway I don't point fingers or open the window to shout at people. I would just overtake the car that pissed me off when I have a chance to, and staring at him when overtaking.

15. I have two baby pillows with me all the time since I was a kid. Although nowadays I can sleep without them, but I will sleep better with them around.

16. I hate my face. I know I look cute and pretty (refer no.8), but the acnes/pimples/blackheads etc things on my face freak me.

17. I can't and won't skip meals. The difference of each meal for me would be 'big or small' portion, but not 'yes or no'.

18. People always get the wrong 'First Impression' about me. The longer they know me, the more disappointment they get.

19. I love to chit-chat randomly with Unimap BME staffs and lecturers because I prefer to treat them as friends rather than staffs and lecturers. Of course, I won't cross the line as there's still difference between staffs and students.

20. I'll give this space to you all. Don't give me falsely good statement, but an honestly bad one will do. =)


Jasmine * said…
#18..... no comment. BUT I STILL LOVE YOU! LOL, where got so 'chan3'?
'suNatasha.M' said…
i have a confession too...

errr.. how do i start this..??
well, u said u don't mind rite..?
:S errr... hope so...

well... errm....errm.....
you ROCK girl!
you=batu... hahahahahaa XD

come on, the imperfection makes life perfect, coz we tried to do the best with the least we have.

should give a big round applause for this entry!!

(i'm NOT bodeking! but i don't mind any sosej want to be belanja too..) hahahhaa XXD
*Nee* said…
@Jas, not chan3 lah, just something most of the people would say after they know me long enough to see my true colour. Haha!

@Su, I batu? o.0 Seriously, we need to hang out more often lah~ I can be really terrible than what you can imagine, Su. Just ask adik and Hid. Haha! Jangan terpegoda with my look, you just have to look a little bit closer. :p

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