Random Photo Post

It's been raining a lot lately in Perlis. I've been back for a week now, and almost everyday it's raining, raining and raining. So boring.

So, I have no choice but to hang my washed clothes indoor.

Guess! Which plate belongs to puasa people and which plate belongs to the non-puasa people??

(Believe it or not, the one with drumstick and fish balls is mine, while the other one with breads ONLY belongs to TWO girls who already fasting all day long. I am so paiseh!)


Happy 52nd Birthday Malaysia!
Happy Independence Day Malaysian!

courtesy of Majlis Bandaran Perlis kot to distribute the flags at Bazaar Ramadhan at Stadium Kangar

Mr. N should have one too because we saw his car (plat # WNL xxxx) there yesterday. Oops!


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