I believe in Karma

Thanks for the dedication Kai Jie =) I'm glad I enlightened your day (Am I?)

I was not a very superstitious kind of person. However, after I joined Akrab, I strongly believe in Karma ever since. Not only because I hope what goes around comes around, I witnessed it happen myself! Right in front of me! 报应 you say? Haha!

So, people, listen up!

Do not take people for granted, especially those who you claimed your friend.

Do not backstab or talk something bad about other people. If you really want to, make sure you tell the people who will keep their mouth shut. Or else, do not say anything at all because you wouldn't know if someday THAT person will know what had you say.

Do not twist and turn stories that you do not know from head to tail. Talk based on facts! Or else, shut up! It's none of your business anyway!

Do not truly believe on what you see and hear without confirming it with the person involved. Again, because you do not know anything!

Do not go against your common sense. If you do, you'll act like an idiot.

Put yourselves in other people's shoe. 站在别人的立场想。

If you don't like to be treated like an ass, stop treating people that way.

... ... ...

I dare not say that I obey all of them, but at least from what I state out above, it's based on my own behavior. I might be a bad-tempered person, but at least I would keep my mouth shut when it's none of my business.

REMEMBER! What goes around comes around.


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