Another day in Uni

I didn't think I did well in Modelling mid term test. What the heck? Oh well~

Thank goodness today's Artificial Intelligence lab was not as hard as the first one, because we use fuzzy tool kit only and skipped the whole programming part.

And this time, we are one of the CSI team member to determine the type of explosive used in an explosion crime scene!! Now how cool is that hah!? Haha!

I just realized that Mr. F (who always sit at AO lab) is quite a funny guy too behind his cool and quiet face.

He was looking at the lab's time table when I came out from the lab. He asked whether our lab session is finish or what, then I said yes. Then he asked why were the students still sitting inside the lab. I who not in the serious mode to talk in serious tone told him this:"Kalau nak kunci lab, Encik masuk dan halau diorang keluar loh~ If you want to lock the lab, just go inside and flush the students out loh~" And his reply in the not serious mode and talk in a joking tone:"Apa kate awak yang masuk dan halau diorang? Awak kan kawan2 diorang, boleh cakap lembut2 sikit. Why don't YOU go inside and chase them out? You are their friends what?"

In the end, none of us doing the driving thing. He and I just walked away.

I had a little headache and sore eyes, so I took a nap just now. Total failed when I set the alarm. It was suppose to be 16.35, but I set at 4.35 instead (I use 24 hours mode on my hp). It was suppose to be a 35-minute nap and turned out to be 1 hour and a half!!? Then I still wonder why the alarm didn't work. No wonder lah!

AI lab report, Imaging test, BI U introduction draft. Haih.


Dear Nee Nee...

It seemss like everyone is cramping and cracking with the limited time.
Like Azu said, have to be strong...

Wishing you all the best for Biomedical Imaging paper tomorrow!!
Alles gute =)

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