I want to tell a story....

....about red beans and green beans.

There are 10 red beans and 10 green beans, with two plates: plate A and plate B.

The first rule says that to put 5 red beans and 5 green beans into plate A, and the other 5 red beans and 5 green beans into plate B.


Then, after some break, the beans are removed from the plates. And comes another rule saying that to put 10 red beans into plate A and 10 green beans into plate B.

For some unknown reasons and circumstances, some green beans hop into plate A, forcing one or two red beans to shift to plate B because plate A is too crowded!

The problem solver arise!

Instead of moving the green beans in plate A and red beans in plate B back to their own original plates and left the existing beans UNTOUCHED, the problem solver comes out with another idea: empties up the plates, follow back first rule.


Sometimes I just don't understand what is playing inside a human being's mind. Sigh


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