Struggling... yet Surviving

Thanks to the 'encouragement' advice of taking it easy and relax through the holiday by Mr. YB, I had really enjoyed my mid term break to the fullest. (Being lazy yet blaming others for the laziness. Beh-tahan-ness)

The holiday-mood phenomena is seriously scary. Sudden change of the environment and stress tumbling down had me hard to breathe. (And... it's only the first day coming back to student's life. Double Facepalm.)

Just now, Mr. M gave us a very strong and harsh word, things that we thought he wouldn't say and he never say before. If anyone fail the mid term paper of his subject, he has only one thing to say:"that person is stupid aka bodoh." Harsh, but true. A 4th Year student unable to solve problems that we did before during 2nd Year, that is so shame loh, memang 死有余辜. His word not only made me worried, but it scares me too.

The scary with blanks feeling starts to grow again, the very same feeling during the beginning of the semester. It's so tiring, and frustrated. I can't focus, I can't think, I can't remember something in my head. Argh

I have bundles and bundles of books and notes to study for the upcoming exams, assignments etc. I have test this Saturday. After this week will be a joyful season again. Hopefully I can make it.

I am struggling, yet I'm surviving.

Just hope no one is stepping on my tail this week!


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